ConnectingInfos is a new way to keep track of your information.
View the network structure of your knowledge. See what is important.

ConnectingInfos Is The Intelligent Team Memory For Your Innovation Project

In innovation projects, your team is often faced with lots of information and ideas. While it is easy to find the information you remember, it is nearly impossible to reuse information you don’t remember when you use a regular file hierarchy for storing your information. ConnectingInfos is a software that helps to keep an overview of everything you created. It is the intelligent team memory that shows the path your team has taken so far and highlights what is important. It orders your knowledge without destroying the creative chaos necessary for a successful innovation.

Store information for your team to remember

ConnectingInfos shows everything you want to remember from your project. You can create information items which contain a title and a text and might also consist of photos, pdf, docs or other documents. In ConnectingInfos you can highlight connections between information items, creating a network of ideas and thoughts. The best thing about it: From now on you will never lose track of what you know again!

See project from bird’s eye perspective

ConnectingInfos helps you to keep an overview of your information. You see which information items belong together, sorted by their creation date. This helps you to not only know what an information was about, but also in which context it was gained and how it fits to the overall picture. You can zoom in and out of your project, either inspecting some information in full detail or get a grasp of the project overall.

See your stream of thoughts

ConnectingInfos helps you to see the paths you have taken throughout the project. What are the pieces of information that you currently build up on? Which information items might be highly important but have so far been neglected? And what is the reasoning behind your idea? ConnectingInfos helps you to find answers to all these questions by highlighting relevant information items.

Deal with your knowledge like your mind does.

Let's take a look on how people deal with information in their minds: We remember things that are connected. Images appear in our memory and create new images that are connected to them. This is why ConnectingInfos structures information in a network and makes exactly those connections visible.

See information from different perspectives

ConnectingInfos highlights the important information. But what if the importance of information changes during the project? That’s exactly what ConnectingInfos is for! It automatically puts those streams of thought forward that are currently active. It also allows you to reorder information to see them from a different perspective.

See the team's view on the project

You work on the project as a team, but how do you remember what you did? ConnectingInfos helps you to create a common understanding of the past. All team members add information to the project in ConnectingInfos, thus making their view on relationships visible to everyone.


Lea is a big picture person. She studied IT Systems Engineering and Design Thinking. Having been a software developer and Design Thinking coach, she now builds ConnectingInfos with an essential understanding of innovation itself!


Can loves challenging the status quo. He constantly tries to find new ways to make ConnectingInfos better. He studied physics and IT and worked as a software developer at Fraunhofer Institute. He is passionate about agile software development.


Andy is the lord of the numbers. He knows how to run a business and believes in continuous learning both in job and in life. He studied International Business and worked in the general management at the Yorck Kino Group.

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